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We are hosting two upcoming events!

Join us from July 19, 2022 to July 21, 2022 at the Impulsive MURI Symposium to engage with a diverse community that studies the principles behind small, fast, repeatable systems. Click here to register! Additionally, we are hosting a workshop at ICRA 2022 where you can participate in the application of LaMSA principles to engineered devices. Register through the ICRA webpage here! Navigate to the "Symposium 2022" and "Workshop 2022" tabs for more information!

Physical model of mantis shrimp for exploring the dynamics of ultrafast systems

Sep 10 2021

Emma Steinhardt's work pertaining to studying the dynamics of ultrafast systems using a physical model of the mantis shrimp, is out. Congratulations Emma!

Scaling and development of elastic mechanisms in larval mantis shrimp

April 29 2021

Jacob Harrison's work pertaining to the strikes of larval mantis shrimp is out. Congratulations Jacob!

Self-repeating snap-through buckling based polymer jumpers

Mar 03 2021

Yongjin Kim's work on design principles for self-repeating, snap-based polymer jumpers it out. Congratulations Yongjin!

Snaps of tiny marine amphipods push the boundary of ulfast movement

Feb 15 2021

Sarah Longo's work pertaining to the kinematics of repeatable, ultrafast snaps by tiny marine amphipods (Dulichiella cf. appendiculata) is out. Congratulations Sarah!

Impact-dynamics at trap-jaw ant scale

Jan 31 2021

Justin Jorge's work on developing and validating a pendulum device to measure the impact dynamics of trap-jaw ant mandibles is out. Congratulations Justin!

How to program impulsive deformations using mechanical metamaterials

Jan 30 2021

Xudong Liang's work on how internal strucutural designs in metamaterials can not only offer the ability to tune quasistatic and high-speed recoil independently, but also optimize energy conversion is out. Congratulations Xudong!

Key Results

Jan 30 2021

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