Zeynep Temel

Assistant Professor, The Robotics Institue,
Carnegie Mellon University

My research focuses on developing novel robotic systems inspired by the extreme motions in biology. Small biological systems have evolved to utilize remarkable features for motion and locomotion; they achieve extraordinary accelerations, speeds, and forces that can be repeated with minimal costs throughout the life of the organism. I use analytical and computational models as well as physical prototypes to test hypotheses and explore bio-inspired designs. I develop advanced manufacturing techniques, leverage material properties to create embedded sensors and actuators, and explore device-environment interactions with various media and contact surfaces. In this multifaceted approach I investigate questions related to design, material selection, sensing, actuation, and locomotion of small-scale robots. Answering these questions will continue leading to novel small-scale robots, sensors, actuators, and power amplification mechanisms, which will translate into gains across both academia and industry, for applications such as milliscale surgical robots, search-and-rescue swarm robots, and space exploration.